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Institute of Medico-Legal Reports in Cracow

We prepare opinions (medico-legal report / Expert Medical Opinions )

We prepare expert opinions for:

Courts,  Prosecutor’s and Law’s Offices

We give expert opinions on                                                                                 :

assessment of whole person impairment in personal injuries

need for care and rehabilitation,

medical malpractice claims,

insanity defense,

malpractice in beauty treatments/ cosmetic procedures

mental capacity in contracts,

testamentary capacity,

use of monitoring to identify people,

retrospective account analysis to assess blood alcohol levels,

and others in the field of medicine and anthropology

Our achievements:

Since 2016 IBESK prepared over 600 medico-legal expert opinions for the Court and Prosecution.

We work with:

experienced expert witnesses,



experts in rare fields.

Opinions commissioned from abroad:

we provide opinions commissioned by foreign law firms among others in a situation where:

– the injured person lives and recovers or undergoes rehabilitation in Poland,

– the injured person was treated in Poland and the case concerns medical malpractice

– the case is cross-border,

– the person would rather speak Polish, which is important especially in psychiatric and psychological evaluations.

We know from experience that it is often more effective to translate documentation into Polish and order an expert opinion in Poland rather than to wait a significant period of time for an expensive expertise in the country where the case is pending.

Contact us:

T: (+48) 12 350 65 05